We have warehouses for the storage of dry products and liquid chemicals. We also use external warehouses.
Thanks to the appropriate equipment of our warehouses and a qualified team,
we are able to efficiently and quickly deliver goods to our customers.


  • The total area of ​​our internal warehouses is approximately
    1000 m2.
  • They consist of 3 warehouses:
    • warehouse no. I, area 500 m2.
    • warehouse no. II, area 250 m2. (insulated, the ability to maintain a constant temperature)
    • warehouse no. III, area 250 m2
  • Handling equipment: forklifts, electric pallet trucks, unloading ramps.



  •  Total capacity of 5 tanks for storage
    liquid chemistry is 220 m3.
  • All tanks are insulated, they can control the temperature and quantity of the product.
  • Each of the tanks has appropriate valves for reloading of road cisterns as well as for chemical packaging.
  • In addition, we have over 500 pallet containers for the sale of liquid chemicals.